Advantages of Buying Good Running Shoes

nike running shoes

Many people go for jogging and running on a daily basis. They will require good running shoes to provide cushion for their feet while they jog and also prevent injuries to the feet while training. It is very important that the feet are comfortable while your run, otherwise undue pressure will be exerted on your feet and it will lead to injuries in the long run. Hence, the importance of using good and comfortable shoes for running cannot be ignored. The main problem here is with the identification of the right type of running shoes.

About thirty years earlier, the number of companies manufacturing shoes was less and the number of models available was also less. But now there are a wide range of models available in the market and the number of brands have also increased rapidly. There is so many choices now that a person can hardly pick one among them with confidence that it is the right one for him.

Running shoes available today contain features like motion control, additional rear foot control and extra support for the arch side of the shoe. These features are present in different proportions in different varieties of shoes. Hence, the runner must choose the right type of shoes depending on his running style and stature. While neutral cushioning is more in some type of shoes, stability factor is strengthened in some other models of shoes. Hence, there is no single model or brand of running shoes which is suitable for all the runners.

The main function of running shoes is to provide cushion to the feet while the user is running and to prevent damage to the feet in the process of running. Hence, factors like stability, cushioning, arch length etc. should be considered while keeping each runner in mind separately.

A new pair of running shoes can be obtained at about 10-20% discounts while older shoes can be obtained at even cheaper prices. You can find older pair through many sources, even through the internet.

If you are looking for running shoes on the internet, you must be sure of the shoe size you need beforehand. Then you can look at various models available and see which one suits your style of running and your build and it also available at a moderate price. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a product online is to check whether the website has a provision for replacement of unsuitable shoes.

Integrating Sports and Music for Perfect Balance – The Nike Free Run Plus Shoe Music

Nike recently launched their Nike Free Run+ innovation footwear that was designed to make heads spin and create happy feet. Their Japan product creators in Tokyo were asked to create buzz fitting shoes that is both flexible and agile. Combining this need with sole compatibility, the Nike+ Music Shoe was born.  As a a functioning musical instrument it creates sound when bent, with pitch and tempo that can rock any celebration or live entertainment for an agile music personality. W+K Tokyo collaborated with RHIZOMATIKS to develop and produce 8 music tracks that are based on the Nike Free Run+ shoes.

As currently understood, Daito Manabe was a major contributor with a versatile skillset, including artist, programmer, designer, DJ, VJ, composer – based in Tokyo, Japan.

To make the Nike Free Run+ music shoes success a reality Wieden + Kennedy’s  teamed with Japanese hip-hop artists Hifana for a video which was released a few months ago. The clip features the Nike Free Run+ sneakers in spectacular arrangement that are tricked out as musical instruments. The shoes were wired through a digital system and bent to produce what sounds like electronic distortion in a bad Moby, but there are more pleasant sounds and music to be heard in the not too distant future and we await development for the upcoming sportswear music shoes phase.

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