Exercise Clothing – Workout Clothing

When you first start exercising finding the right clothes to wear is important for both comfort and safety. Should you wear the latest Nike joggers or are sandals ok? Should you wear lycra or track pants? Fashion may be important to some but the most important thing is to get through each session so that […]

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Let Out The Athlete In You

Adidas is a name that has a thunderous ring in the sports industry. Primarily focusing on the manufacture of clothing and shoes that appeal to athletes, professional sports stars, and the hobbyists alike, this German company was able to soon dominate the market with its superior products. Even though financial scandals netted the company some […]

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Keeping Warm During Winter Sports

Many people love to engage in various sports that take place outdoors during the winter months. However, it is vital that you know how to keep yourself warm so that you don’t become ill or suffer from frostbite. It is also important that you stay hydrated as your will lose body heat if your body […]

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Athletic Footwear – Who’s the Daddy?

Athletic footwear and shoes have become extremely popular these days that it is practically impossible to go a day and not experience someone wearing one. Thanks to an aggressive marketing plan and succession of shrewd endorsements, the sports footwear market is predominantly dominated by the Nike with the well-known “swoosh” and “Just Do It” slogans. […]

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