About Children’s Socks

There are many types of children’s socks. Ankle socks, knee socks, and tights are available for both boys and girls. Other types of socks include slipper socks and decorated socks.

Decorated socks for girls include socks with trims of lace, buttons, bows, ribbons, and fake fur yarns. Although the decorations are generally attached to the cuff of the socks, there are designs that are printed in the sock it self.

These decorated socks have themes such as sports, animals, floral prints, and/or stars. Socks can represent the interests of the wear with things such as soccer ball beads, baseball type beads. The only limits to this is your imagination.

Materials for children’s socks include cotton, nylon, wool, natural yarns and synthetic yarns. There are soft yarns such as baby and sport yarns as well as various thickness of worsted weight yarn from two to four ply.

Children’s socks are made in a number of ways. They are mass produced, being made on circular knitting machines like adult socks are. They can be hand knitted. They can also be hand crocheted as well. Some people actually make socks out of different types of fabrics as well.

Children’s socks can also be recreated by cutting of the foot of the worn socks and or knitting new feet. They can also be made by using the feet of socks and hand knitting or crocheting new top pieces. Trim can be hand crocheted, hand knitted, or sewn on to cuffs of plain socks to make them more fun to wear.