10 Best Luggage Packing Tips for Travelling

Suitcase packing does involve some degree of artistic and scientific approaches that are not easily recognised by everyone, as most would consider this to be common sense. Whether your intentions are to squeeze loads of items into an existing travel luggage or simply leave important necessities at home, there are numerous steps that can be taken to make travel containers packing worthwhile.

Here are ten of the best tips and tricks for suitcase packing that should help to maximise your travel luggage space wisely and make your expectations a reality especially during the holidays.

  1. Does your bag need the “Biggest Loser” treatment?
    Travellers often have to pull suitcases and luggages from one location to another and a heavy container is not easy to drag around in new environment or hilly terrains. So, how do you make your luggage lighter?  Basically, complying with baggage weight restrictions is very important and particularly so if you are taking off on a low cost or new age carrier transport. One of the best travel luggage tip is to weigh your suitcase before leaving home and make sure that the necessary adjustments keep your suitcase weight within tolerance that you can safely manage as well as reduce luggage cost at check-in.
  2. Suck it up — try a vacuum pack
    If you are having trouble finding space for all the travel necessities, try putting clothes and other bulky items in space-saving vacuum packs. This actually work and could help you pack more clothes and accessories that would otherwise would not be possible as part of your travel expedition.
  3. Take toilet paper and travel insurance
    Depending on what you are doing and where you are going, these two necessities can easily turn into your most important items of holiday luggage. Depending on the nature of your journey, it may not always be possible to get basic accessories in remote areas while travelling, so best to have the survival mindset and take both toilet paper and travel insurance with you.
  4. Keep valuables at hand
    Do not assume your checked luggage is going to make it to your destination with you. Keep valuables and other necessities in your hand luggage.
  5. Pack bag within a bag
    An extra bag always comes in handy, whether you are taking it on a daytrip or simply quarantining dirty clothes from other items in your suitcase.
  6. On a roll
    Rolling jeans, pants and other large items is a good packing tactic. Rolling not only minimises wrinkles, it also makes bulky items easier to pack.
  7. Shoes — stuff them
    Make use of the inside of those stylish knee-high boots by stuffing them with socks or accessories.
  8. What’s provided?
    If you are staying at a luxury resort, you probably don’t need to pack a full range of toiletries. You may not need a laptop if your hotel has a business centre.
  9. Wear heavy or bulky items onboard
  10. Stand out from the crowd
    Tie a distinctive ribbon or decoration to your bag so you can spot it easily.

Now you have more insight about smart packing  for upcoming travel expeditions, check out our luggage guide here for more tips and tricks that can help you increase travelling efficiency even more.

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